2010+ Camaro Stripe Kits

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These are all newly designed custom stripes for the 2010 Chevy Camaro

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Camaro Rallye Hood stripes - Standard version

This is a Dual Rallye Stripe kit for you hood and decklid.  It features the standard length hood decals that are perfect for your SS model with the vents in the header panel or can also be used on any base or RS model as shown.

Dual Rallye Stripes for the new Chevy Camaro - Extended Version

This is a newly designed set of Hood and Decklid Rallye stripes for the new Chevy Camaro.  This version has been extended onto the front header panel to give you that fully customized look.

Chevy Camaro Hood Spears

These are custom designed hood spears made to follow the rise of your Camaro hood.  They provide a great accent to the overall look of the car while at the same time being understated. 


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