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Here are just a few of the MANY Mopars I've owned over the years. Wish I had pics of all of them.

Unfortunately, my computer crashed a couple of years back and I lost hundred of photos. 

My 71 Ragtop - Owned & built between 2002-2005 I built this car top to bottom. Installed a 440 and Shaker in it. I sent over 2 years just looking for parts before I even started on her. This is the car that I was most proud of building.

My 1936 Dodge Humpback Panel Delivery owned/built 2001-2006 I built this Rod as a tribute to my Dad. He passed away in 2001 and for years had been talking with me about the Street Rod we were gonna build together "someday." This was his favorite type of street rod. I sold it shortly before moving to TX in 2006 and wish I still had it. It was a fun litttle ride - Mopar all the way from it peppy 318 to the 8-3/4 rear. Even the leather bucket seats were Mopar - pulled from a wrecked Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

1971 340 R/T owned/built 1999-2002 I wish I had more pics of this car as it was really nice when I finished with it. It is shown here in its current state - the new owner installed Cragars on it. When I built it it had 14" Road Wheels on all 4 corners. Car was at Volo Car Museum for a while before going to it's current owner. This one was also done from top to bottom, inside & out. The guy that bought it from me flew down to Florida and drove it home to New York. He only had to get the A/C installed and then sold it to Volo for a tidy profit. I sold it to by the ragtop in the top picture.

1971 Challenger Convertible - Owned 2005-2006 This was a real FC7 white top & interior car. Sold it as a partial project.

1973 Duster 340 owned/built 2004-2005 This car came to me as a rolling shell. I found a nice date coded 340 for it and restored her to the state you see here. Sold to a guy in the Michigan U.P.

1972 Demon with 440 Six Pack Owned 2005 I got this car in partial trade for the top Challenger Ragtop. It was the first "done" car I've ever had that I did not build myself. I owned it for about 1 or 2 months until someone tracked me down after a show because he "had to have" the car. Man was it a clean and fun little ride. Never even got a chance to really open up the carbs though ;(