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More Mopars I've bought, built, & sold through the years

1970 B'cuda Convertible - Cloned as a Shaker Cuda Cuda-Joe and I built this car from a major prioject. I t had 2 sets of replacement quarters hung on it when we got it. We redid the interior, hung good quarters on it (only 1 per side now), and added a Shaker Hood to her. The Hemi Billboards were just a little bit of wishful thinking.

1971 Barracuda Gran Coupe - Cuda Cloned I got this one in a major state of disrepair. It had a 440 in it with a nice rod knock, the interior was trashed and the paint was old and nasty. Luckily, the car was extrememly solid and the only metal work needed was a set of trunk pans. Since the 440 was trashed and it was a real FE5 Red 383 car, I decided to put a freshly rebuilt 383 I had sitting in the shop into her. Wish I had a better picture of her but she was beautiful when I finished her. Next time I find one this clean to start, it will get the full blown rotiserie treatment. Only thing I regret about not doing was I should have put a set of gills into the fenders.



1970 Pro Street Challenger T/A Lookalike

This was my 1970 Challenger Pro-Street.   It has a a nicely built 440, 727 auto with manual valve body, narrowed 8-3/4, 4.11 gears, 31 * 16.5 MT Street Sportsmans, and a beautiful B3 Ice Blue Metallic paint job. Car started life as a "C" code California built car - even has fixed rear windows. The tubs are steel and the frame has been connected via through floor connectors. The T/A hood is hinged and is the only fiberglass part on the car. It's got a lot of new parts on it including all new door and trunk weather stripping, door handles, front bumper (rechromed), and a lot of other nice features. 6 point roll cage, factory seats that are newly redone, white face guages with a built in tachometer, new dash cap, and nice carpeting.  The front end was recently rebuilt including new tire rod ends, upper and lower ball joints and even new .96" torsion bars. At the same time I had new front tires installed and an alignment professionally done. Engine features a recently installed aluminum radiator, new ceramic coated headers, holley Street Avenger 770, and electronic ignition. The engine was rebuilt by a previous owner and is based on '67 440 block.

1972 RR Clone built from 10-07 to 4-08

Did A LOT of work to this one.  When I got her she was very sad.  Black spray bomb primer everywhere.  Interior was TRASHED.  No Motor.  Well you get the picture.  I redid the interior, massaged the pretty much rust free body and sprayed her with Eye Popping GY3 Curious Yellow.  Dropped a rebuilt 440 between the fenders.  Added front disk brakes, rebuilt the front end, and added an air grabber hood to her.  

1972 Plymouth Satellite #'s matching Factory 400 Car

This one was my daily driver for almost a year.  Had it from December of '06 through October of '07.  It was a real FY1 Yellow car that ran pretty good and never let me down.  It was however, very rusty.  I never really did much to it othre than get iit running and then drive it everywhere.  Sold it to by my RamCharger because I wanted more of a truck and really wanted A/C that worked.  Plus, I was tired of my feet getting wet everytime it rained Laughing

1992 Dodge Ram Charger - Current Daily Driver

This is what I cruise around in now.  She was kind of ugly when I got her.  The original Tomato Red paint was faded and peeling al over.  I decided to experiment and mixed this paint myself.  I bought a cheap gallon of "Oops " paint at the paint dealer, added a little metalic silver, a little Plum Crazy, and some ultra fine silver metal flake.  Then I painted the Grille a nice silver and added a personal touch of a custom Ram's Head logo and Ram Charger lettering to the front fenders.  After that, I covered it all with some clear to which I added some blue pearl.  Overall, it looks pretty good for a weekend paint job.  If I keep it much longer, I'll redo the body work since it really did not worry about dings and waves when I painted it the first time, I just wanted it to not look like a big rotten tomato.